The History of Saltend Chemicals Park →

Main Events

  • 1914

    First shipment: 3000 gallons of benzene carried by S.S. Artemis 27th May

  • 1914

    1500ft wooden jetty built byAsiatic Petroleum Company (Later to become Shell) and the Anglo Mexican Company (Shell Mex)

  • 1924

    Industrialist Herbert Green opened a distillery at Saltend. The business was sold to Distillery Co in 1925

  • 1926

    Formation of British Industrial Solvents

  • 1926

    Royal visit to Saltend by the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII

  • 1948

    Lambert House, purchased by DCL in 1948

  • 1948

    Research and Development Centre opened

  • 1958

    Work began on a replacement jetty which was commissioned in 1963

  • 1967

    BP buys the distillery at Saltend

  • 1980

    BP production moved to large scale commodity chemicals manufacture

  • 1989

    Yara, formerly Kemira, enter agreements to construct a plant for the production of ammonia

  • 1989

    Air Products Ltd (APL) enter commercial operations at the site

  • 1990

    Infrastructure Improvements

  • 1991

    The new laboratories complex opened and changed its name to Hull Research & Technology Centre (HRTC)

  • 2000

    Saltend Cogeneration company Ltd (SCCL) enter commercial operations at Saltend

  • 2000

    Ethylene pipeline connected between Teesside and Saltend

  • 2004

    Nippon Gohsei (UK) Ltd commission the largest single-line ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EvOH) plant in the world

  • 2007

    Vivergo enter an agreement to construct and commission a Bioethanol plant

  • 2008

    Ineos buy the Vam and Etac production units

  • 2009

    Formation of the Chemicals Park

  • 2009

    Kingston Research Ltd (KRL) construct a pilot Biobutanol plant

  • 2010

    BP Invest in new Reformer

  • 2012

    Nippon Gohsei invest in debottleneck project

  • 2013

    Vivergo Fuels commission one of Europe's largest bioethanol plants

  • 2017

    PX Group acquires Saltend Chemicals Park from BP

Additional Events

  • 1929

    The Great Wall Street Crash

  • 1954

    Hull University was founded

  • 1971

    Decimalisation of British Currency

  • 1981

    Humber Bridge opened

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