Saltend Chemicals Park


Energy Transition isn’t just about New Technologies – Parks and Clusters have a huge role to play in enabling them, too. 20th October 2021

This article was written by Jay Brooks, Site Director Industrial Parks, px Group, and first appeared in Tank Storage Association’s magazine on 6th October 2021. Much of the noise coming from the energy sector at the moment is rightly centred around the Energy Transition – a phrase that means many things to many people. To […]

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Life-saving equipment delivered to Saltend through CADEY campaign 27th July 2021

Saltend Chemicals Park now has a defibrillator on site. The potentially life-saving equipment was delivered as part of Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart’s Community Access Defibrillators for East Yorkshire (CADEY) campaign. Mr Stuart launched the campaign in 2018, with the support of Yorkshire Ambulance Service, after identifying numerous communities across his constituency that did […]

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Pensana PLC Receives planning permission for Rare Earth Separation facility at Saltend Chemicals Park 23rd April 2021 Read more Saltend to Anchor Groundbreaking Zero Carbon Cluster Bid 17th March 2021 Read more