A world-class site for world-class businesses

px Saltend Chemicals Park is a cluster of world-class chemicals and renewable energy businesses at the heart of the UK’s Energy Estuary.

Today a number of leading organisations operate on the 370-acre site, sharing an established infrastructure and extensive provision of services, feedstocks and utilities, enabling them to drive down costs, increase efficiency and boost profitability.

Strategically positioned on the banks of the Humber – the gateway to Europe and the UK’s busiest ports complex – Saltend Chemicals Park is a location of world-scale manufacturing, operational excellence and innovative technology.

The site has seen £500 million of investment in recent years and its products form part of everyday life, from clothing to paints, pharmaceuticals and packaging.

A production powerhouse, Saltend offers a reliable and adaptable environment for blue chip businesses to invest, collaborate and thrive.

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