Saltend Chemicals Park

Welcome to Saltend Chemicals Park
At the heart of the UK Energy Transition, Saltend is the country’s premier location for world-class industrial businesses to prosper.
Welcome to Saltend Chemicals Park Owned and operated by px Group, Saltend is strategically positioned on the banks of the Humber. Our 370-acre site is home to some of the world’s leading blue-chip manufacturing, chemicals and renewable energy businesses. Partners at Saltend enjoy a plethora of benefits, from top-of-the range infrastructure to high-class services businesses, and even direct access to the Humber River via a deepwater jetty, all of which helps drive down costs, increase efficiency and boost profitability. Energy transition

Saltend is at the heart of the UK energy transition, helping to cut emissions in the Humber region and the UK as a whole.

Saltend is set to host the flagship project of the Zero Carbon Humber scheme, which aims to be the world’s first Net Zero industrial cluster by 2040. The flagship project, Hydrogen to Humber Saltend (H2H Saltend), will convert natural gas into Hydrogen using an Auto Thermal Reformer (ATR), and will use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology to capture the CO2 for storage offshore.

On site, we have cutting edge businesses like Pensana, which is building the world’s first sustainable magnet metal supply chain. Saltend will be home to Pensana’s rare earth separation facility, which will produce materials essential to the electric car and wind turbine industries – both of which are central to the UK’s Net Zero strategy.

Partner companies

We have a host of internationally-renowned companies on site at Saltend, with even more space available for investment. All of the companies on site benefit from world-class infrastructure support services.

Take a look at all of our partners at Saltend by clicking here.

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